A completely new experience awaits you at the Indian View takeaway, with our open plan kitchen where you can watch our chefs prepare your meal from cooking to packaging.

Indian cuisine is in our opinion one of the finest which places great emphasis on the perfect blending of aromas, textures and flavours. Over the centuries Indian chefs have painstakingly explored the relationship between spices and various foods to create exciting and tantalising new dishes.

It is a tradition which we at Indian View still continue to follow. We strive to offer our customers the best, this is why we carefully select our dishes and we freshly prepare and cook them with the finest ingredients and finest quality chicken breast.

Our customers are special to us and we endeavour to provide an excellent service and hygiene as well as oustanding food. If your desired dish is not listed on our menu, please ask the waiter as we prepare most meals.

If you enjoy our food, please tell others. If not, please tell us.

Allergy Awareness:

Please note: A few of our dishes may contain nuts or dairy products. We use only cholesterol free vegetable oil. Nearly all our dishes are gluten and wheat free apart from puries, nans, chapatis and paratha.

If you suffer from allergies, please ask our staff so we can cater for your needs.